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About Miriam

Everyone has a story.

Miriam's begins in a Miami neighborhood filled with stolen shopping carts, streets that smell like cafe con leche, and a family of Cuban-Lebanese refugees bonding over their unwavering faith in the American Dream.  












After training at New World School of the Arts and receiving a BA in Theater from Florida State University, Miriam marched west to the City of Angels to become a storyteller. Specifically the kind that lives and breathes the internet. (She is a Millennial, after all.) Her obsession with digital narrative led her to co-launch Clevver Teve in 2011, YouTube's most viewed Spanish-language pop culture channel to date. What followed was nearly a decade of award-winning content across all of Clevver Media. With Miriam as on-air personality, director and producer, the network thrived—gaining millions of unique subscribers and billions of views along the way. 


Her passionate interviews and comedic timing led her to become a bilingual correspondent for E! News, ESPN Deportes, Telemundo, and Al Jazeera’s BeIn Sport. Whether speaking with Super Bowl winners or political prisoners, trans sex workers or Netflix stars, Miriam's interviews always feel human.  

​In 2021, she leaned into that humanity by becoming a globally recognized keynote speaker. Her talks on tribalism, empathy, and the power of storytelling have resonated with audiences of every age, color, and creed. Her secret sauce to moving liberals and conservatives alike? Nuance, humor, and heart. Works every time.


From a young age she knew she wanted to tell stories—hers, other peoples', anyone with a good one.

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